Moving from Minneapolis to So Cal

Moving from Minneapolis to Southern California can be an ecstatic experience, but knowing lies ahead can help you prepare adequately. There are many aspects of life that make these two regions different, especially if you have lived in the Minnesota city for many years. Here are important things which you should know when contemplating a move.

Cost of living

You should be prepared to spend more money on almlos-angeles-socalost everything when you relocate to southern California. From rent to food and many other things, you should be ready to spend some more money than you were while living in Minneapolis. You will pay 8% more in rent, 10% more in food and 6.9% in groceries. (This is according to the latest statistical figures from Numbeo). If you don’t prepare, you could wind of moving to LA then quickly needing to find out how to sell your house fast for cash in los angeles. However, this should not be something to worry about because the purchasing power of residents of Southern California is higher than that of Minneapolis.

Disaster preparedness

The Great Plains and the Midwestern regions experience tornadoes and hurricanes, but most of the Southern California has blizzards. Other things which you may have to worry about in Southern California are earthquakes, mudslides and fire.

Power Outages

Occasionally, shorter power outages occur in places such as Santa Clarita, so if you have a desktop computer, you may need to install a UPS which will protect you against power surges. This problem is mostly caused by power glitch and so it’s nothing big to worry about. It’s also good to remember that as power outage hits, your cordless phone may be affected, so having a cellular phone and a radio that is operated with a battery will help.


There are many wildlife species in Southern California. From mountain lions, coyote bears and rattle snakes, Southern California have got them all.

Buying a home

Just like when buying a home in Minneapolis, it’s of importance that you exercise caution and make sure that you are on the safe side. Uninsurable homes are a common occurrence in Southern California. It’s a always important to work with a certified inspector who will check the condition of the property and provide you with valuable advice on how better to move ahead when buying a home. However, there are all sorts of properties, from stand alone family houses, apartments and condos just to name a few. Nonetheless, it’s advisable that you work with a reputable real estate professional with an in-depth experience about property market in Southern California. But you shouldn’t just fall for the exaggerated price which is quoted by real estate agents.


If you need assistance on the road because of mechanical condition of your vehicle or because you are the subject of a road rage, you can get the help you need by calling #399 and 911 respectively on your mobile or cell phone. You are advised to keep a navigation system in your phone because there are instances where you will need to use it.

Important amenities

The entire Southern California has many world class schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities and entertainment spots among others. Also there are many shopping areas and malls, with fully working financial systems such as banks and automated teller machines.

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Essential Facts about renting your first apartment in Minneapolis


Most first time renters would be excited to move out to their first apartment. Having your own apartment means freedom to do the things you want, such as inviting your friends for a dinner party or decorating the rooms with your most preferred prints. But just like many firsts, hunting for an apartment can be a stressful experience. Here are essential facts about renting your first apartment in Minneapolis which can help you find a perfect place and settle quickly.

Establish your budget

Know how much the apartment rental will cost you and budget appropriately. Your rental expenses should not be more than 30% of your income and knowing that you can afford to pay the rent matters a lot. The grace period which you pay your rent depends on your agreement with the landlord or representatives. But a reasonable fee may be charged to rent which is remitted after the due date. Know about rental deposits, policies and the kind of utilities that are present before you commit yourself in signing.

Determine the best neighborhoods

The place you choose in Minneapolis should make you feel happy and safe. Create a list of the things which you need and the distance which you are willing to travel for them,for instance shopping, entertainment facilities, colleges and hospitals among others. It’s also important to determine the distance you will commute to and from your place of work.

Know your mandatory amenities


You need to do this prior to commencing your search. Not all apartments in Minneapolis have similar features and knowing what you cannot do without will help make things easier in the long run. Since you’ve likely sold your house in So cal There are certain amenities which can be of convenience if you live without. Some of the mandatory amenities are a dishwasher, in- unit laundry, air conditioning unit, an outdoor space, a community swimming pool and a parking spot.

Only visit apartments that meet your basic rental criteria

Because the apartment is your first home, the first visit to the property should be treated as an inspection. Check that the faucets are working and ensure that the water pressure is okay. It’s also great knowing how much it takes for the water to heat up. You should check all the power outlets just to make sure that they are in good condition. But again you have to know that you will be meeting your potential landlord for the first time, so be on time and be presentable.

Be ready to fill the rental application form and pay a minimal fee

This is the case if you are looking for an apartment for rent in parts of Minnesota where property rental is competitive. Bring with you your checkbook, a valid identification and something to prove your income to the landlord.

If there is a preexisting damage to the apartment, it’s of importance that you have it listed in the lease document. You can take time stamped photos as evidence for existing damage. You don’t have to lose your deposit because of dings and dents that existed before you got into the apartment

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Making A Move from So Cal to Minneapolis


The city of Minneapolis has been consistently ranked by different lifestyle publications as one of the top cities to live in America. The name Minneapolis means ”city of the lakes” which is an accurate description because the city is surrounded by water everywhere. An interesting fact about the city is that it also has the most selfless people with about 40% of its adult population being involved in philanthropic activities.

The city is known for its spectacular high rise buildings. If you intend to move to the city, there are a few things you need to know about buying a high rise Minneapolis apartment.

Apartments in Minneapolis

If you are moving from Southern California, you will be pleased to learn the Minneapolis is a good place to live, work, have fun and bring up a family. There are numerous properties to choose from and you need to keep your eyes open for a good deal. However, before you make a commitment on any property you may want to ask a few questions.

When you find an apartment you like you should find out whether when the building was first build it was meant for apartments. If that was not the original objective, you will discover that the soundproofing between units will be less than impressive. Something else that you need to keep an eye on is the type of buildings in the immediate neighborhood.

Although you may not control what happens, the next door buildings may affect the value of your property. In the worst case scenario, a 30 story building may come up next to your balcony completely blocking your view of the skyline. A good agent should have some insights on upcoming developments in the area.

When you purchase an apartment in a high rise building, you will be expected to make some contributions to the home owners association account of the building

These fees are meant to be used for shared services such as security, utilities, insurance and garbage collection among other services. It is important to make inquiries about the amount of money you will be expected to contribute. The state of the building will also inform how much you may be expected to contribute for maintenance and repairs.

A new apartment is best because it has lower repair and maintenance fees but on the other hand its purchase fee may be much higher. Some areas generally have higher fees that may add up to a substantial amount every year.

Every building has a pet policy and therefore if you love pets you will need to make the appropriate inquiries regarding the Minneapolis apartment building of your choice

Apartments that are a small distance from the city center may allow pets because of the availability of green areas.

However, as you get closer to the city center, it becomes harder to keep a pet due to space restrictions. A fact that many people often overlook is the number of rental units in the building. If the apartment building where you are purchasing unit has too many rentals, it may affect your financing. It is assumed a building with many home owners will generally be well taken care of.

Minneapolis is a great place to live and if you find your perfect apartment, you will never regret moving to the city.

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