Who We Are

River Towers is a real estate agency located in Saint Paul, Minnesota and we are one of the largest and most reliable agencies on the Minnesota’s market. Our services are sought out all over the country, and we currently employ more than 20 real estate agents. Together combined with legal services and consulting, we provide our clients the complete service, and they can find everything in one place.

Real estate market in Minnesota

Minnesota is known as the land of the lakes; that’s why this part of America is so appealing to potential buyers. House market in this state is considered healthy, with an average rate of 5.8 out of 10. Average price for the property is $183,000, but the prices are expecting to go up. Here you can choose between 25,000 properties for sale and 2,000 properties to rent.

Clients’ review

  • Mary Austin – I’ve been working with this agency for the last ten years, and I am very satisfied with their services. Pleasant personnel, welcoming atmosphere, and reasonable commissions bought me on the first sight. Working with them, I have managed to sell my house in just two weeks, and I’ve closed a really good deal.

  • Jim Robinson – River Towers is one of the best agencies that I had a pleasure to work with. I am amazed at their dedication and skills. They are so nice to their clients, and I am not talking just about me. Before I hired them, I’ve been trying to buy some house for the six months, when they got involved, I’ve closed a deal in three weeks.

  • Trey McCartney – this agency saved me a lot of time and nerves. First time when I hear about them, I thought they are the same like the rest of them, the real estate sharks. But, I was pleasantly surprised with their approach. During the whole process, my opinion came first, and I was the one who was let to decide. My honest recommendations.

All of our employees are friendly and welcoming, always aiming to help our clients in every need. We offer different types of services, from buying and selling properties to legal and consulting services. Feel free to contact us.

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